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Bareboat Yacht Charters

Be the captain of your exploration and master of your adventure with a bareboat charter.  Encore Yacht Charters can match you with exceptional yachts for your bareboat charter.  Unlike a crewed charter, a bareboat charter comes with no provisions and no crew.  You take full charge of providing for your needs while enjoying your dream yacht.  This option is great for seasoned or experienced “yachties” who revel in the experience of captaining their own yacht and charting their own “course” during a respite on the seas.  Once we understand your requirements, we pair you with a yacht that best suits your specifications.

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Should I Bareboat it?

If you have sailing experience and you are up for an adventure, then bareboating it is an option you should really consider.  It allows you to take full control while giving you complete privacy and autonomy on the seas as you explore the “gems” of the sea at your leisure.

Dedicated Staff

Encore Yacht Charters staff is committed to ensuring that you always have the best possible yachting experience.

Yacht Options

We have a wide selection of yacht options with  boats carefully chosen and presented to you by our staff to offer you the best match possible.  This allows you the opportunity to relax and enjoy every moment before you set sail on your yacht.

Bareboat Yacht Charters

Sail the places you have always dreamed of, with the full privacy you like, on board any of our stunning yacht. If you want this amazing experience, to be the master of your sailing journey, to get extra and new adventure, we have your dream yacht. A truly challenging and luxurious experience, having a chance to explore the world on your dream yacht. Kick off the thinking lines and join the most dynamic l fleet for your amazing vacations.

Yacht Destinations

Fulfill your dreams by this super experience. There is no end to what you can see while sailing. The choice is fully yours, to travel to the most wonderful and spectacular locations, from the Caribbean to the exotic South Pacific. Your yacht gives you access to amazing islands, marvelous towns, and tempting cuisine. Take your place on the mainland gets something new to explore. Enjoy sandy beaches, secluded beaches, and sunny climates.

Yacht Fleets

The fleet of excellent yachts designed and constructed by world-renowned yacht builders. Between your choices, you will find models with smooth and shiny exteriors and spacious and commodious interiors ideal for all group sizes. No problem, whatever the destination is, the yacht you select is fully equipped to make your trip an exceptional cruising experience. Our extra services provide you with a full range of activities and facilities to explore and get the most of your holiday pleasure with watersports, food & beverage, and full fun with full activities.